Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I'm still here!

Sorry I've been a bad blogger lately. Lots going on and too little time to blog. The months of Sept. through Dec. are usually our busiest months, when we try to make up for the stuff we don't do the rest of the year like camping and hunting.
Some quick updates:
It looks like Tim's Mom's house will be sold soon with a one month closing date - YAY!

No deer yet - some close encounters though. More another time.
We're cropping at the church this Friday night - feel like ages, maybe because it has been! LOL
Enjoyed a wonderful visit with dear friends from Chicago - Sonja and her mother. I've known Sonja since we were born, practically and she was my Maid of Honour. We're just about totally opposite in so many ways and yet we're good friends. I think we have fun because we're opposite - she laughs at my redneck stuff and I laugh at her city-girl and pink stuff. Was great for Ben to get to know these two very special people in our lives too. He had no memories of the last time they visited 3 years ago, but now he loves his "Tante Sonja" and "Omi Henny". Here's one of my fav pics of Sonja and Ben together:

And here's an amazing cake we made together from a recipe she suggested. Carmel, custard and chocoate... Mmmm!

Tim was off work for the last 2 weeks and we spent the better part of the first week deer hunting as it was the local shotgun hunt. Here are some photos a beautiful foggy morning that first week:

The view down the barrel of my Mossberg from my blind:

Now shotgun and rifle hunts are over and our only hope for venison in the freezer is archery.
Here's a pic of a new decal I had made for the "mommy van" - love it!

More deer stories another time. :-)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Delicious autumn!
My very soul is wedded to it,
and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth
seeking the successive autumns.
George Eliot


  1. Thanks for the peek into what you have been up to Mo! Glad to hear things are well!

    Love the window decal, by the way!!!

  2. Mindy9:54 AM

    She's back! Glad someone is a "badder blogger" than me!

    Love the decal.. love the new pic of you.. you look beautiful!.. Camo and all...

  3. Nice new pic!
    I was so glad to be cropping again!