Monday, July 14, 2008

Still moving!

We thought we'd be done by now, but it was another day of shuttling stuff to Mom's new place. She bought a little freezer this morning so we picked that up, set it up, and then transferred food from the old place. We also dumped, I mean, DELIVERED, the rest of my brother's stuff to his place (where it should have gone months ago)....

The house is pretty much empty now. It's amazing how little sentimental attachment I have to it now that it's been emptied. Through the almost endless process of moving out I've even come to dislike the house... it was big enough to have too much in it. LOL

There's still a couch at the old house - it's going to come home with us. It's waiting for me to find a new home for the pull-out couch I have in my house now. (If you'd like to have our couch let me know ASAP - I'd like to give it away Tuesday if possible.)

The new place is looking pretty respectable. We unpacked many of the boxes and set up the furniture and bookshelves. There will be lots of reorganizing to do, but we have lots of time to get that done now that we're pretty much down to just one location.

Will post some photos soon!

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