Thursday, July 10, 2008

Mom's move....

Well, most of the stuff has been moved to Mom's new place. It was a long, hard day. The movers were late, sent 2 guys instead of 4, complained that there was more stuff than they thought (maybe if they'd listened to me?!?!?)... So instead of finishing around 1 p.m. we were at it until after 4 p.m. - that's with my brother and I slugging right along side the movers. Of course it ended up costing more but I still think it was worth it. To their credit, the movers called in a couple of extra guys 1/2 way into the job, so we eventually had the promised 4 guys. Once we got over the initial logistical snags with them, they were really good to work with. They had a sense of humour and kept up a seriously good pace right through the 4 hours that they worked. Certainly not slackers!

There's still stuff at Mom's place that need to be taken to the new place, so we'll have plenty to do on Saturday, but MOST of the biggest, baddest stuff is done. Now for all the unpacking and reorganizing.... more funfunfun!

Mom`s staying at the new place tonight already. I hope she`s able to enjoy a good night of rest. I would call her but Bell hasn`t hooked her line up yet. It was supposed to be done between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. today. They sure were quick to disconnect this morning, apparently reconnecting has (much) lower priority! Hopefully that will be sorted out tomorrow - I miss being able to check in and see if she`s ok.

Tonight we were invited out to dear friends' place to celebrate some good news. After such a full day, it was absolutely WONDERFUL to sit down and enjoy dinner together after such a full day. (Hey Trish - we wish you all the very very best as you travel west! oxox)

Well, I`m off to put my aching feet up for a bit. Am looking forward to booking a visit with my reflexologist Jenn soon! :-)


  1. Wow you guys put in a full day with helping your grandma move. Any more every one we talk to has a blog.
    HUGS & xxx

  2. Mindy8:44 AM

    Your life sounds like an instant replay of mine! I literally feel your pain...

    Moving is lots of fun!! Or something like that...

    Hope everything is still going well and that you were able to rest this weekend (and scrap!)


  3. awww yep we need to do that!

    I was thinking of you this past week. Wondering how the move was going??? But I guess its still going?