Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tomorrow it's over!

The keys go to the lawyer today and tomorrow the house changes owners - YAY!

Yesterday we took the couch out of the living room and moved it to our place. It was quite a job getting our old couch out and the new couch in. I'm very grateful my brother stopped by on his way home from work to give Tim a hand. The "new" couch has two recliners in it and weighs a ton - I struggled with just getting it out of Mom's old place and into the van.

I feel a huge sense of relief, like I have a whole new lease on life. Yesterday I snuck in a visit to the Turtle. Might even crop there this Friday. Before Tim & I moved the couch out of Mom's place we indulged in dinner at Anna Mae's - a really nice treat! Nice not to be rushing off to meet some deadline all the time.

Now I'm off to get some new tires put on the van. The old ones are downright hazardous. They're starting to separate at the tread - what little tread is left. We've been holding our breath driving on them these past weeks. Canadian Tire is right across from Mom's new place - handy! I'll stop in there and see what I can accomplish while I'm waiting for the car.

Tim's got a few days off starting tomorrow (it's a "brown shutdown" at work so he had to take some vacation). We're looking forward to enjoying some family time and getting some stuff done around the house too.

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