Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Move day!

It's a minute past midnight so it's officially "move day" for my Mom. It's my Mom's last night in the house. The movers will be there in 11 hrs and we weren't anywhere near done packing all the boxes. Oh well. Whatever the movers don't take we can putter over to the new place ourselves.

Mom and I were over at the new place for a while tonight working on putting up the borders. Looks good, I think. Earlier today we also bought and set up a kitchen table and chair set - used, but in nice condition. Will eventually post some photos.

My brother finally showed up at my Mom's and started packing around 10:30 tonight. Hopefully he gets some stuff done! It's about time he stepped up to the plate even if it's just for the final inning. I'm beat. So tired I can't see straight. Off to try to get some sleep before another fun-filled day....


  1. Good luck with the move Mo! And just think soon you will be able to stop and take a breath!!!

  2. Good luck... we need to schedule you in for a've had some stress :(

    Sending you my love... and oh love the new look of the blog!