Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Whatever I'm doing, Ben wants to "help". Although it often makes things take twice as long, I try to indulge him when ever it's reasonable. Makes for some great fun and some great learning opportunities! :)

Ben has his own wash line and hangs out some of his own laundry:

Is it any wonder that I run out of clothes pins?

Helping Tim put a railing on the deck. The nails fit perfectly between the deck boards.

"Painting" the deck. Give Ben a brush and some water and he'll be occupied for hours!

Cutting up a broken branch he and Tim found in the school yard:

Serious stuff.
Once it was all cut up, they burned it in the outdoor fireplace. Good practice for cutting firewood for our shack up north.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
The true way to render ourselves happy
is to love our work and find in it our pleasure.

Francoise De. Motteville

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  1. I LOVE IT!!!!!!! hehe so dang cute!!! He's an awesome benny ;)