Friday, August 01, 2008


My dear Trudi woke me up this morning panting. She was obviously distressed. I thought perhaps there was a thunderstorm coming by the way she was panting. I thought I'd try to let her outside, but she wouldn't come downstairs. Finally I got some treats out for Rusty and then she tried to come downstairs. Then I saw that she had trouble walking. Her back end didn't function very well. I carried her the rest of the way outside where she was able to do her business. Then I showered and dressed. When I checked on her again she was still in distress. I sat outside with her a while and she seemed to improve a little bit. Her tail wagged when I spoke with her and rubbed her ears. But when she went to "shake off the loving" she nearly tipped over. She had to scramble to get her keep her back feet under her. She managed to make it up and down the deck steps, trotted unsteadily to the back of the yard where she barked enthusiastically at the neighbours dogs. I called both dogs in and she trotted in - wobbly, but pretty bright-eyed. She went to the basement, (her happy place) and is resting in Rusty's crate right now.

I'm going to take her to the vet as I'm worried about her. She's always been a very healthy dog, but I know that she's getting up in years. We have no idea how old she is as she was a rescued stray. I'm a bit afraid. This is exactly how Tim's last Airedale Teddy was in his last days.

UPDATE: Two hours later you'd never know that there was a problem with Trudi! She's right back to normal - normal for an older Airedale anyways. I`m suspecting some kind of seizure or stroke. Am just glad I don`t have to explain to Ben what happened to Trudi. Am grateful that we seem to have a bit more time with her!


  1. Mindy1:43 PM

    Poor puppy... poor you. Hugs xo

  2. Maybe she just woke up on the wrong side of the bed! Glad Trudi is feeling better, Mo!!

  3. cat hugs from chubb, hope your feeling better trudi!

  4. wow...glad she is okay.. hope she keeps getting better