Tuesday, September 22, 2009

First REAL school day...

A week ago Ben went for his first full day of school. Just over 6 hours in class. He was cheerful as we left the house.
Holding tight onto my hand, but still smiling! :)

As we got to the school he was overwhelmed when he saw the playground full of kids playing noisily. Then as we waited for the teacher to come open the door, he was put off by several parents trying to introduce their own scared kids to him as they'd be classmates... and for some reason they seemed to think that if they spoke louder it would be better. Argh.

By the time the teacher opened the door he was crying and clinging. He didn't want to go and certainly didn't want me to leave him there. I walked him down to his classroom and waited until the teacher was there. In the end, the teacher had to pick him up and hold him to keep him from following me out the door. Afterward she told me that he "worked it out" and settled in a bit. Being the cruel, scrapbooking mom I am, I took pictures....

"I want to go hoooooome!"

Here he is AFTER school - just as the teacher let them out:

He was very happy to see me waiting for him, and eagerly told me all about his day.

Today he's back for his 2nd full day. I left him sitting on the carpet in the middle of the room crying, but not clinging too me like he was the first day. He kept asking if today would be shorter than the last time. I tried to explain that it would be the same amount of time. I told him that if he has fun that it would seem much quicker... but that if he cried and was sad it would seem longer. He'll have 3 days this week. I'm certain by the end of this week he'll be used to the routine and be more independent.

Now... I need to find a paying job for those hours that he is in school!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.

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  1. Awww, that just breaks my heart. It's tough to leave them. I have had the same experienxe with Maya and the return to daycare but I am happy to say she has adjusted pretty well not and there are no more tears. Ben will do fine - it's a big change for him! Hugs to you and to him!! And good luck on that job search! :)