Monday, March 23, 2009

A Boy and a Girl and their vacuums cleaners....

I have a friend who has a little girl a bit younger than Ben. She recently blogged about spring cleaning and posted pictures of her adorable girl excited about doing her chores and helping with the vacuuming - read her post by clicking HERE.

In contrast, this morning Ben had one end of the hose off our vacuum and was explaining to me how the dogs needed more gas to make them run and how he was going to fill them up with the "gas hose" from the "gas pump". Apparently the brown spots on Rusty are where we can fill him up with fuel. Tim and I played along and had a good laugh.

After refueling the dogs Ben told us that Rusty needed to have his oil checked. We asked him where we check the oil on a dog, expecting to hear him explain how one or another of Rusty's brown spots was for the oil. In a most serious tone of voice he went on to explain to us how the dip stick goes in right under the tail. EEEK!!! I think he got the idea from going along to the vet when we've taken dogs in for check-ups. We quickly explained that only vets "check the oil" (take rectal temperature readings).

I have this little fantasy about a chore jar and how Ben will someday actually use the vacuum for the job it was intended for. Hey, everyone needs a little dream!

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Housework, if it is done right, can kill you.
~John Skow


  1. oh my! what a creative boy. LOL

  2. Mo, this is too funny. You might be cleaning your floors yourself for a while, but your pets will be running in tip top shape LOL! I love reading about life with Ben, wish we lived closer.


  3. Mindy5:47 PM

    That kid makes me laugh. Thank goodness he knows that only the vet checks the oil!