Thursday, January 08, 2009

Tanner is with his new family.

Tonight Tanner when to be with his new family. They are lovely people and I know he'll be loved and fussed over and cared for just as he should be. We're all going to miss the sweet little guy, but it makes it easier knowing that he's where he should be.

Here are few more photos:

Rusty reclaimed his bed from the youngster. When Tanner realized that he wasn't going to get it back, he settled himself on top of the warm heat vent:

Nice warm air!

Getting a bath this afternoon. He is so awfully skinny under his bit of puppy fuzz, it's heartbreaking....

In the bathroom sink getting his hair styled (blow-dried) after his bath. More nice warm air!

Sitting on Tim's lap staying warm while waiting for me to pack his bags for the trip to meet his new family:

In the van on the road to his new life:

A few more pictures from yesterday (sorry about the order, but Blogger is not letting me move them around today for some reason.)

Tanner spent quite a few hours being loved on by the staff at Chicopee Ski Club. They gave him what he needed most, when he needed it most: body heat. Because he was so sick he needed people to keep him warm, as he didn't have the health or energy to stay warm himself.

Here he is with Ski Patroller Kelvyn. Kelvyn would take him for walks tucked in his jacket. The two of them made an adorable pair:

Showing some AireAttidude and biting the zipper. Shark teeth! We were happy to see him start to display some of this typical puppy behaviour.

Tanner, may life treat you well. After all the awful things you've been through in your short life, may you thrive, and live, and return the love of your wonderful new family. I thank God for our brief time together.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Happiness is a warm puppy.
~Charles M. Schulz
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.
~Roger Caras


  1. So glad he found a good home Mo and will now get the love he deserves!! I'm sure you will miss him!!

  2. Oh Mo I'm so happy he found a good home! :)