Monday, January 05, 2009

Puppy needs help!

I took in a 9 week old pup on Friday. He'd come to us from a puppy mill, via rescuers. Heartbreaking. Cute beyond words. All skin and bones under that fluffy fur. Lethargic. Cuddly and snuggly. Totally adorable. Vet visit confirmed lung and bronchial infection, severe dehydration, and giardia. Not good, but the pup has survived to this point so I'm hoping that with medical intervention he'll fight and improve. He improved once he was needle-hydrated at the vets, and seems to be a bit better again today. He's now starting to vocalize and wanting to walk a bit instead of just wanting to be held and sleep. My friend Mary-Lou has been fostering him over the weekend as I wasn't able to be around for the pup. Once she's back at work tomorrow I'll be looking after him during the days. Am hoping that a suitable permanent home becomes available soon, one that will be able to continue nursing him until he's healthy. If he stays here too long I won't be able to let him go!

Contact me for more info on Airedale rescue.


  1. Oh Mo, my heart goes out to this little guy. He is adorable!! I don't know anyone looking for a puppy but I will check around just in case! I hope he finds a good home and people to love him soon!!

  2. He is too cute for words!!!! I used to have an airedale! If I didn't already have 2 Golden Retrievers, I would be so interested!