Thursday, July 03, 2008

Time at the range!

Finally indulged in some time at the range. My first time out this year. On Tuesday of the long weekend my Mom had a "date" with Ben, while Tim & I headed out to Elmira.

Here are Tim's first shots of the season - it's been about 7 or 8 months since the last time he shot his crossbow. Great shooting!

One of his shots wasn't quite so perfect - he pulled just as he shot and barely missed the bottom target mark on a 40 yard bag. There is an arrow somewhere in this photo - if you can spot it in this picture let us know. We looked for over 1/2 hr with no luck (although we did find someone else's lost arrow).

The back window of our van: :-)

Our awesome Excalibur crossbows (made in Kitchener!) Tim has the Phoenix in the foreground, I have the brown Vixen behind it.

We always enjoy being out at the range together!

After some time on the archery range, we moved to the gun range where we shot some clays. Tim made out much better than I did, as he usually does. I was using my "Squaw Gun". I bought it last summer and still haven't quite found the sweet spot. It came with a double bead and I think that's what is messing me up. After we got home Tim removed the extra bead and I look forward to trying it again soon. Here's Tim with his side-by-side which he purchased last year after selling some of his other guns. He's very happy with it!

Tim laughed at me while I was taking this next photo. I love daisies and the are blooming prolifically all over the range right now. Tim found it too funny that I was juggling a bag of ammo, a shotgun packed in a camo case, water bottle, other gear... and trying to take photos of these daisies. I guess I'm a bit "girly" after all? LOLIt's probably a bit tough to tell in this photo just how many daisies are blooming right on the range, even between the baffles and at the berms - just beautiful! They were icing on the cake and made the day even more perfect!

- - - - -

"Bread feeds the body, indeed, but flowers feed also the soul. "

~The Koran


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful day together Mo. Much deserved after all the work you've been doing lately. Love the picture of you and Tim - very cute!!!

  2. hey thats an awesome time out for you two! You both love it! Sometime I'll pop out there with you :) hehe could be dangerous!!!


  3. Mindy1:53 PM

    Look how cute and happy the two of you look to be practicing to kill things... ;)