Monday, June 23, 2008

School's out! Painting and some rants.

Tonight I wrote my final exam for the Medical Transcription course. I'm done! Well, for now, anyways. That frees up a whole lot more of my time.

I've been working at my Mom's new place, mostly painting, while Mom watches Ben. A dear 78-year-old friend of hers from church has been helping a lot too. It's been nice to have the company. Unfortunately the rest of my family isn't being very helpful. No real surprise I suppose, but I have to admit I'm still a bit ticked about it. I mean, it wasn't that many years ago that Mom cleaned in their new house for them while they were out busy pursuing recreational activities. Three words: Rude. Selfish. Lazy. I have no use for slackers when work needs to be done - totally makes me furious. I guess some people just don't "get it".

Mom's new place was an awful shade of pink throughout. Most of you know that I'm not a big fan of pink, but this shade was particularly nasty.... it had purple-grey undertones. Ugh. Even with good quality paint we had to use 3 coats in places.

Here is a photo - although it's tough to really appreciate the awfulness of the pink:

Mom's moving into an apartment condo up on one of the higher floors. The view is really nice. I'm looking forward to being able to enjoy it once she's all settled in. Here's a view of the driveway up to the building - there's a pond beyond it, and another little pond hidden in the trees, I think.

Here's the sign on the house Mom is moving out of. It only took a week to sell, but it took several weeks until all the conditions were met and it was official - YAY!

Tomorrow Mom and I are headed back to the flooring place. Although we were told that the flooring would likely be installed early next week, it's now been pushed to the end of the week at the earliest. ARGH! Perhaps the salesman told us what we wanted to hear just to get our business? Worse yet, although we booked the job 10 days ago, it was TODAY that Mom was told that the carpet she chose (after many hours of painful deliberation) is on back-order and won't be available until July 12th! Why did it take Mr. Sales Guy 10 days to figure that out?!?!? (Hmmm... yet another slacker?) Anyways, that date isn't going to work for us with the house closing so, we're headed back to the flooring place to pick another carpet. They have our downpayment, but we'll jump ship and demand a refund if we find another place that can do the job on schedule. The salesman's sloppy error has cost the shop it's credibility with us.

Enough whining. 1:00 a.m. and it's one of the the earliest nights I've been in bed in weeks. Sweet dreams, everyone!


  1. That's right MO, cover the pink! hehe. Although I think that is an especially hideous 80s looking shde of pink :) Sucks about the flooring place -- but go stand up for yourselves!! Cause that's nuts!!

    Have fun!

  2. Mindy9:56 AM

    Hugs to you. Slackers suck.

    Love the view at mom's!

  3. Hugs Mo!!! Sounds like an awful lot has fallen on your shoulders but good for you for steppin' up!! I am very sure your Mom is appreciating it! And no worries, it will all come back to you one day!!!!

    Can't wait for the work to all be done and we see you around the Pond a little more!!

  4. Hugs Mo...sending you lots of love and prayers...

  5. Oy lots of work.

    HEY you never told me you were schooling for Med transcription! I should do that. *sigh*