Thursday, May 22, 2008

A few random things...

Had to share this bit of art. I was hanging up clothes and wasn't really paying much attention to what Ben was doing until I turned around and saw that he'd put all these clothes pins up around the door. He told me they were his "pin lights" and that they would come on when it was dark out.

Picked up a family-sized griddle at Wal-Mart last week. I was tired of juggling 3 frying pans at once in an attempt make pancakes or grilled cheese. This grill worked beautifully! One of the best investments I've made in a while.

Love seeing laundry on the line on a sunny day. Love the smell of line-dried clothes. Love that I'm not using the dryer. Was inspired to get a photo of the "Bob the Builder" undies on the line. (They're Ben's, not Tim's... although Tim has commented about how it's too bad they don't come in adult sizes.)

This is one of my favorite things - a garden sculpture that Ben and Tim gave me for Mother's Day last year. Ben's not big on giving kissies, so I guess this little statue is supposed to be a "stand in'?

These last few days I indulged in a novel - something I allow myself to do only a couple of times a year, if that often. I love reading and would happily spend most of my days lost in a book. The problem is that once I start a novel I usually don't stop until I'm done. I enjoy archaeologically based and historically based novels the most - usually about North American aboriginals. Westerns are also a favorite of mine - I'd have trouble parting with my collection of Zane Grey paperbacks.

No time to read today, I have to buckle down with my school texts and prepare for a midterm tonight. FunFunFun.


  1. i'm with you on the novels. I take like 6 to the cottage for the week! lol thats when I read because I'm the same way!!!

    love the photos

  2. Looking at your pics makes me happy the warm weather is here!! Enjoy your novel. Hope to see you soon!

  3. bob the builder undies for men too! what a concept! i want dora for me! lol Are ya ready for croppin for the cure? i got my scrappy face on! tee hee!

  4. oh yes the griddle. MUST HAVE with kids. BUT... nonstick coating can give off toxic fumes for small critters like birds so in my house, we try not to use it much. So... do you think I've been able to locate a NON nonstick griddle!? They don't even make them anymore!


  5. Love the undies on the line - we have those same undies around here! Too funny...

    You have been so busy MO! Make sure to take time for you and a break!!

    Love the clothespin art. Lovely!