Thursday, May 08, 2008

So behind!

Just a post to apologize for not blogging in ages... I've been so incredibly swamped in the rest of my life that I just haven't even really thought about blogging.

I've finished one of my school courses and am pleased with my marks. Now I've still got one course that runs two nights a week. I'm struggling to keep up right now, but I am hoping to be able to spend more time at it and get caught up soon.

We've been frantically trying to get my Mom's house ready to sell. It's been a lot of work. Decided to put in some new carpet - the old carpet was gross when we moved in back in '90 and it was never changed. We had to strip some wallpaper in the room that was Dad's study and it's turned into a nightmare. It seemed like no matter what we did we couldn't get all the glue off the walls. We thought we had it all off and then tried to paint, only to have the paint bubble and peel. So we scraped it off again. Then we tried primer/sealer and had the same experience. More painting, scraping, painting scraping... over and over.... until it seemed like the walls finally seemed to be running out of glue to seep. We were hoping to get it painted before the new carpets were in, but they're going in this very moment. After last night we had to leave the walls primed and hoped they'd dry well enough to paint in a day or two. Tonight we'll be moving furniture back into the rooms, setting Mom's bedroom back up again. Hopefully the 2nd dumpster will also arrive today and we can continue cleaning out the garage. More painting and packing on the weekend.

I really look forward to visiting Mom in her new place in a few months. It has a gorgeous view and the building is beautiful. The unit needs paint and new flooring throughout, but it will be so nice to do it for a place that Mom will enjoy. Once it's all done I'm sure it will be therapeutic after all the upheaval Mom has been going through. I'm so very proud of her - she's making huge decisions and figuring things out all on her own. Not a small feat after almost 50 yrs of always having my father to take the lead and the responsibility.

Well, I'm off to hang clothes on the line, pick up some groceries on the way over to Mom's.

I'll leave you with this photo of a '84 VW camper van that we're trying to sell in case you know of anyone who would be interested:


  1. Welcome back Mo!!!! Sounds like you have had lots to keep you busy! Congrats on finishing your course and good luck with the selling of your mom's place! Hope things settle down for you!!

  2. Wow!!! You have been so busy, Mo! Good luck finishing up at your Mom's and finding some time to slow down a bit!!

  3. glad you found time to get away and crop for the day! must do it again soon!

  4. Anonymous8:51 AM

    Yesterday, Mother's day, should have been "thank God for children and their spouses" Day!
    I am so grateful for all the hard work you all did for me! You are the bestest ever!!!
    much love, mutti

  5. love that van! hehe

    I know you've been crazy busy!!! Sending you lots of prayers :) love ya darlin ;)

  6. I have ML here now playing in my graden and she told me all about your adventures.

    Glad your back!.. Wishing you all the best. Lots nad Lots of changes.

    How's that van on gas?? hehehehe