Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sportsmen's Show in TO

We were at the Sportsmen's Show in Toronto a couple of weeks ago. Always fun going to see all the "stuff". Lots of boats, campers, dogs, tackle, guns, and bows. Didn't buy anything this year, but enjoyed looking around. Ben enjoyed visiting with the different dogs, but I think the highlight of the event for him was being able to explore inside all the different campers and trailers.

Here are my two men walking around the area where they have the elephant and camel rides. Ben was the most handsome guy there in his awesome camo blazer from his Tante Sonja! :-)

This photo was taken for my brother Steve who enjoys doing a Thomas Pigeon imitation at the Sunday dinner table. Tim and Ben standing by a photo cut-out of Thomas Pigeon, the host of "Canada in the Rough" T. Pigeon was there in person too, but, although I think Canada in Rough is great, I'm not a fan of T. Pigeon and wouldn't flatter him by asking to have a photo with the real deal.

With a stuffed moose...

I had tried out this climbing tree stand. We have a slightly smaller and lighter version of it - the Summit Viper. Instead of installing steps in a tree to get to a stand, you use the stand itself to sort of ratchet yourself up the tree. Very comfy to sit in. Ben had to try it out too. His blazer really blends in! LOL

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.
Albert Einstein


  1. Glad you had a good time!! Ben looks too cute in his camo blazer!!

  2. Ben was there?? I don't see him! heheheheheheh

    TAG! You're it! Yep, I tagged you on my blog. Hope you're up for it

  3. cute pics!!! i scrolled back a bit to catch up since my last visit! your dogs are " too dog-gone cute " lol