Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A little bummed...

I called to see what happened with the job that I'd applied for, the one that seemed so perfect.... and... it turns out they re-posted it with different hours and then filled it with an internal applicant.

Phooey. I'm a bit disappointed. Guess it wasn't meant to be.

Guess I'll keep looking....


  1. Anonymous2:55 PM

    patience, my dear. - Psalm 37:7
    When it is time, the right job will come. Keep on getting ready for it.
    Right now being mom seems to be the perfect job.
    love, mutti

  2. That sucks Mo!! The right job will come along though. It just wasn't time yet!

  3. Anonymous4:07 AM

    So sorry to hear it Mo! It did sound perfect...there will be other jobs...these things happen for a reason...keep positive! xoxo Amanda

  4. Anonymous4:56 AM

    Sorry to hear that MO. Something will come around. Your right, it wasn't meant to be.

  5. God knows what is perfect for you and in His time He will bring you a job that really is perfect for you.

  6. When one door closes another opens :) Your dream job is coming Mo, don't worry!