Monday, February 25, 2008

Croppin' on Saturday!

I'm going cropping on Saturday! It’s a fundraiser organized by a church youth group for a trip to attend a conference.

Here are the details if anyone wants to join me:

Scrapbooking & Card Making Extravaganza
Bethany Evangelical Missionary Church
160 Lancaster St E, Kitchener, ON
10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

$30 - includes lunch, snacks, refreshments
Register by calling the church: 519-745-0151
Or email :
Link to a map of the location:


  1. Monica,

    I found your blog while looking for an school link I've lost. I really need to catch up with you. I did not know you had another miscarriage. I loved the idea of the charms.

    What test did you take? what kind of work are you looking for? Are you taking classes?

    I love all the Ben pictures. These are the best of times. Drop me a line when you can. I am on the road almost all the time now. My personal email is

    Things are OK with me. Joe never tried very much at the counseling and we have been separated since August after 30 years together. He has the divorce papers to sign but hasn' done it. Everyone is getting used to it. I am a little lost on the personal front. If you run into any great 50 something guys, give them my email! If you need a diet or workout buddy, just let me know. I am doing the same thing.

    I hope your cold is better soon. I love you and miss hearing from you. I'll keep up with the blog more.
    Liz in S. IL

  2. a croppin we will go
    a croppin we will go
    hi ho the dario ....
    a croppin we will go!