Wednesday, October 10, 2007

At the range

We've been at the range a few times in the last couple of months. I bought a new (used) shotgun and sold one of my other ones so I had to put in some time to get acquainted with it. We also sighted in our crossbows after mounting scopes on them. After a few years of not shooting a vertical bow we also spent a few hours working with our compound bows. It's been a lot of fun. Ben is at a good age to be out with us - he knows to stand behind the line and generally behaves quite well. He's usually happy just to be hanging out in the great outdoors! :-) He's got his own little bow and a quiver and that helps keep him occupied, although he's taken a liking to carrying around my PSE compound lately - which means I'll have to sight it in again.

My brother Mark from out west joined us for one of the trips to the range and shot a crossbow for the first time. He really enjoyed it and had fun walking through the woods & shooting some of the 3D course with Tim.

I need to put a plug in for our crossbows. We did a lot of research before buying and after a few years I bought an Excalibur Vixen. Last year we added an Excalibur Phoenix to the family for Tim. We can't say enough about how happy we are with the Excalibur bows - they are sturdy, extremely accurate (don't aim at the same spot on the target twice!), well thought out and the company's warranty is second-to-none.

Anyways - here are some photos from our range visits:


  1. AWESOME!!!! Love those pics Mo!!!

  2. Looks like TONS of fun Mo!! And Ben is a VERY good little boy...that's great!!! And that he knows the safety aspects of it too is great for you!! You don't have to worry about's obviously a big part of your lives so it will be a part of his!! Good that he learns it now!!!! xoxo Amadna