Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Rain... finally!

The Storm: We're in the middle of a glorious thunderstorm! I've got Trudi sitting on my feet, hiding under the desk, and Ben next door not-napping. We really really really need rain. The lawns and gardens are overdue for a good soaking. I can picture the trees and plants stretching out their roots straining for the water as it soaks though the hard gound right now.

Gone Shopping: We lost my husband's car this past winter when someone ran a red light. For a while Tim drove the truck to work, but with gas prices being so high it was costing him and extra $50 a week to drive it. So lately he's been taking my car to work instead. We can't use Ben's car seat in the truck so I'm stuck at home while Tim's gone. Often Tim takes Ben to go see his mom in rehab so the car is gone some evenings too. It's been tough not to be able to go to my parents during the day. So Tim is cashing in a pile of RSPs and we're mini-van shopping.

The Test Drive: After test driving several on the used lot on the weekend, we found one that didn't seem too bad (compared to the others in our price range, anyways!) It felt pretty good on the city streets and we decided to take it on the expressway just to make sure it was as good at higher speeds before we committed to anything. As soon as we got over 80 km it was AWFUL! It felt totally unstable in even the gentle curves of the expressway - I didn't feel safe at all. When we told the salesman, he said that for a $100 refundable deposit he'd have his mechanic look at it and make any necessary repairs. Then we'd test drive it again and if we were satisfied, we'd buy it. Sounded good to us, as we were ok with everything else about it. They called this morning and it turns out it was the anti-sway bar (or bars?), along with a few other things they found and would fix. The repairs should be done in the next day and hopefully by tomorrow we'll get a chance to drive it again and make a final decision on it. I'm kind of hoping it works out, as the shopping isn't a whole lot of fun, really.

The Vans: We're looking at lease-returns - 2003-2004ish. We started out looking at the Montana's and Ventures, but ended up looking at the Caravans - there seemed to be more to choose from in the Caravans and well, it just seemed like all of them needed some kind of work - it was just choosing one of the lesser evils. LOL This one that we're looking at now is a Grand Caravan - nothing too fancy in the way of options besides A/C and power windows (which I think they all have now) and that's enough for us.

So... if everything works out and Tim's RSP money comes in, we might be in a van later this week. Kinda of funny that I'm looking forward to a van when it's the one vehicle I always said I'd never own! :-)

We pray that God will help us make the right decision and that whatever vehicle we end up with will serve us well for the next few years.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.

Philipians 4:6


  1. Anonymous4:32 PM

    Hope all works out with your van selection! I'm in the same camp as you - always said I'd never drive one and now I want one badly! Ha ha ha... *sigh* I so want a van. - K

  2. Ahhh isn't life grand ;) It is..and you know it all works out ...always :)

    sending you prayers and love!