Thursday, May 24, 2007

It's been too long!

This upcoming Saturday is the annual local fundraiser for Airedale rescue - Airefest! It's going to be at Jack Darling Park in Mississauga. Seeing so many happy Airedales in one place it a hoot! If anyone is interested in more info let me know!

It's been a while since I've posted here - have been busy with lots of things. My cousin from Germany came for a visit and we spent as much time together as we could - we even took a short trip up north and enjoyed a boat tour from Midland up to Honey Harbor. Was really nice to see each other again and spend time together. It had been 20 yrs since we last met - I sure hope it's not another 20 yrs before the next visit!

We've been working at cleaning up our yard, shed, staining the fence, pulling weeds, trimming shrubs, all the usual spring stuff. Ben's been right in there wanting to help with everything - let's hope it lasts! Here's a photo of Dad kicking back while Ben's working hard - a sign of things to come! LOL

Thought I'd include an updated photo of the little fern in the backyard - it's grown even more since this photo was taken. Such a joy to see it come back from nothing. I have another fern planted in a more secure spot that flourished right from the beginning. Somehow though, this less protected fern is much more dear to me... Funny how that works!

"The repetition of small efforts will accomplish more than the occasional use of great talents."
— Charles H. Spurgeon


  1. hey wondered what happened to you ;) Glad to hear you had a great time with your cousin! Love the pics too :)


  2. WOW! Ben is a great grass cutter! I hope he gets paid well!!! And very nice little fern!!! :D