Friday, May 25, 2007

Friday - yay!!!

It's Friday! YAY!!! The little guy is down for a nap after a busy morning in the backyard so I have a bit of time. Am getting some stuff packed up for Airefest tomorrow. Am also packing up for a spontaneous crop at the church tonight. Not sure who will be there tonight but it will be good to get out anyways.

Our rescue 'dale Trudi is getting braver and braver - today she actually came and lay down in the kitchen while we had lunch! I know that sounds like no big deal, but just a few years ago this dog would run and hide from the clink of cutlery, or a newpaper page turning - any sudden movement or sound would send her to her "happy place" in the basement. It's amazing how even after 4 yrs she's still learning to trust. I'm so proud of her!

This morning Trudi was sitting on the back porch watching Ben play. I watched undetected through the door as Ben came up and sat beside Trudi, whispered sweet nothings to her, hugged and petted her. I wish I had my camera handy, but some moments are only for the heart - that was one of them. Here are some photos of the two of them from last year instead.

Thank God for little boys and dogs!

"The heart of a child is the most precious of God's creation.
Never break it. At all costs, never break it."
— Joseph L. Whitten


  1. jasmine5:06 AM

    Oh that is so sweet, I have goosebumps as I type. I am glad Trudi is doing well. I know she has found the best family for her

  2. I love those sweet pictures of Trudi and Ben! That's too cute...I'm glad you rescued her!! And you're right...we can't have the camera around ALL the'll remember those pictures for a lifetime! :D

  3. Awesome photos! How was it on saturday???