Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hitting the Turkey Trail...

Tim found these tracks yesterday. Look closely and you'll see raccoon, deer and turkey tracks all within an inch or two of each other. Now if only we could find the turkey that made those tracks!

Here I'm posing with a turkey a friend shot (and a decoy):
Starting some turkey leg stew - with wild leeks, potatoes, carrots and other good stuff:

This has been our first season trying to connect with these big birds. It's been a fun and interesting learning experience. What a treat to be out in the woods during spring, watching the landscape come to life and turn green right before our eyes. In the past I've spent far more autumn hours in the woods sitting still and watching. It is so different: In fall the birds are migrating to warmer climates, the voles, mice and squirrels are frantically trying to hoard away food for the winter, the leaves are changing colour and dropping from the trees, dawn comes later every day and the sun sets earlier each time I'm out... but spring,... spring is the opposite. In spring the woods seem to be bursting with energy and joy! And as I've discovered this year, there's nothing like the gobble of a wild turkey to get my heart pounding faster. (Except for perhaps the chorus of coyotes singing that I enjoyed yesterday morning. LOL)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I am learning all the time. The tombstone will be my diploma.
~Eartha Kitt


  1. I've been wondering....does a wild turkey taste anything like grocery store turkey?

    hmmm...what does a grocery store turkey look like with feathers?

    Seems I have some googling to do :)

  2. oops, seems I should call a grocery store turkey a domesticated turkey. LOL