Thursday, April 16, 2009

Road Hammers

Went to see The Road Hammers at the Dallas Night Club (the former Stages) with a dear friend who happens to get out just a wee bit more than I do and YES, she was right, we should have been there 1 hour early! :) Doors opened at 8 pm, The Road Hammers went on stage at 10:45 and played straight through until after midnight. THEY WERE WELL WORTH THE WAIT! They put on a great show and I thoroughly enjoyed it. They're a rockin' country-ish band and they know how to connect with their audience. Great fun to watch them perform. (The Road Hammers are: Jason McCoy - guitar/vocals, Clayton Bellamy - guitar/vocals, Chris Byrne - bass/vocals, Corbett Frasz - drums).

I bought the first Road Hammers CD a few years back when Ben was a baby - I'd noticed that when the Road Hammers played on the country music station in the car he really enjoyed it. Now, a few years later it's "the" CD that he insists on listening to whenever we're in the van. He sings along and probably knows the songs better than I do.

Wish I'd have remembered to bring my camera. Got a few pics with my cell phone, but they're not very good:

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"More power to ya, if ya do what ya love..."
The Road Hammers, from "Keep on Truckin'"

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  1. So glad you and Tammy enjoyed your night out Mo!!