Monday, September 15, 2008

Still around!

Sorry for not posting for a while! We were away for a few days of camping the first week of Sept. Now that we're back we've hit the ground running as Tim's mother is going to sell her house and move into a retirement home and we have one more week to get the house ready to list.

Some photos from our camping trip at Point Farms:

One of the beautiful sunsets that Lake Huron is known for:

Tim & Ben in the tent in the morning: :-)

Time at the beach:

Heading out for a hike:

Hot dogs around the fire:

Friday was a rainy day so we took a road trip along the "coast", exploring the other parks and checking out the other beaches up to Sauble Falls:

Unfortunately the last night Ben's chair tipped as he sat down near the fire and he fell into the coals and suffered some burns. Fortunately we were only a few minutes from the hospital in Goderich. The nurses and doctors looked after Ben and after a few hours of treatment and painkillers we were able to return to our campsite. Although Ben had some quite nasty burns he didn't complain once after we left the hospital. Well, actually he DID complain once we got home, but it was about the fact that his bandage didn't allow him to push his toy lawnmower with both hands. After we got back home the next day, we checked in with emergency at St. Mary's where they rebandaged and arranged for Comcare nurses to come in to the home to do dressing changes until Ben healed. He's been healing AMAZINGLY quickly! A week after the incident his face looks great and his hand is much improved. It looks like later this week we will be able to discontinue the bandages as the healing will have progressed to a point where infection is no longer such a risk. We thank God that things weren't any worse.

Just a note to all the parents out there: even if your child is supervised and behaves safely around a fire, be extra vigilant about the possibility tripping and falling or of losing balance on a chair (especially the collapsible ones or ones where they might lean on the arms).

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No man needs a vacation so much as the person who has just had one.
Elbert Hubbard


  1. Oh no! Poor Ben!
    I hope he is all better now... Campfires make me so nervous and my family always thinks I overreact.
    Hope to run into you soon!

  2. Hey how is he doing now??? I was thinking of him last night as we dealt with alex at the ER ....