Friday, August 22, 2008

Talk about not having a pot to pee in!

I’m up with a leaking basement ceiling tonight. The only toilet in our house is out of commission. :-( Not sure what the problem is. At first we thought it was the wax seal around the toilet, but now it looks like a blockage down the 4" drain somewhere as the sink isn't draining either. Perhaps trying to plunge the toilet broke the wax seal too? I have no idea. It's midnight and Tim's trying to figure it out.

Why does stuff like this always happen on weekends?

Am supposed to be at an all day crop tomorrow. Tim & Ben were going to start building a shed tomorrow. They'd picked up the lumber tonight and lined up some help. Not sure how our Saturday plans will work out now!

Talk about not having a pot to pee in... Maybe we'll all use Ben's potty? LOL


  1. That sucks Mo!! I hope it gets fixed without too much hassle or expense!!

    Although the image of you all using Ben's little potty is too funny!!!

  2. ugh hope it gets fixed soon..