Monday, December 10, 2007


We went to the Nativity Pageant at Bethany Missionary Church in Kitchener on Sunday night. We try to go every year. Ben is at that age (a few months shy of 3) where he can really enjoy it. We've explained the Nativity story to him, the circumstances of Christ's birth and he seems to grasp most of it ("no room in the inn" "born in the stable") . He really enjoyed seeing the story presented in real-life. The donkeys, the sheep, the goats, the calves, the horses & chariot, the soldiers with their torches, the camel, the big star that moves across the scene, the music, the incredible amount of people involved in the drama.... it's really a wonderful production!

Sharing a laugh with the camel!


  1. AWESOME! just awesome!!!! Oh man, next we'll have to try and get down there for it!!!

  2. Oh shoot I missed it! I forgot about that!! (I was the head angel one year! I used to go to that church!) Love that pic of Ben laughing with the camel! TOO cute!! xoxo Amanda

  3. Ladybing3:25 PM

    Love these pics - they warm my heart - for me this is what Christmas is truly about!