Monday, August 13, 2007

Another week...

My father is holding his own. He's still pretty much bedridden, but on most days he's able to eat a small amount of food. He's not in much pain. We try to go up and see him most days for both his sake and Ben's. They still enjoy each other's company as much as they ever did and it's a joy to watch them interact.

I haven't been as good with my diet lately. It's been tough with birthdays, visitors, and all the emotional eating, but I'm pretty much maintaining my loss so far which I'm grateful for. Am trying to be better about working toward my goals this week though - I would very much like to be able to feel comfortable in my ski pants this winter!

Thought I'd share a few cute sayings that Ben has come up with lately:

He was cold and had "moose bumps" (goose bumps)

He rides the "alligator" in the hospital (elevator)

When I said we were going to the library, he said "we have to pick some of those" - thinking that there must be berries at the "liberry"

He was running around in the rain last week with his face turned up and his mouth open catching raindrops. He explained: "Rain makes flowers grow and rain makes Ben grow."

He sings the ABC song "..... next time don't you sing with me."

I did a major house clean-up yesterday - this morning he came downstairs and said "Mommy cleaned up the living room, it needs some more toys on the floor." (AAAAUGH!)

Thought for the day:
"If evolution really works, how come mothers have only two hands?"
Milton Berle


  1. LOL about Ben's last comment....thats a "ben" thing and I can say that as a mother to another Benjamin ;)

    Glad your dad is stable. Still sending prayers!

  2. Milton Berle - come on - what a wicked quote!!!