Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Breezy Wednesday

It's a gorgeous day here! Much cooler than the past few days, and the thunderstorms seem to be over for now. There's a nice, strong breeze. I've turned off the air conditioning and opened the windows. I love the feeling of the breeze going through the house! Am going to hang out another load of laundry soon - nothing smells better than line-dried laundry!

We were up to see my father in the hospital after his operation yesterday. He had a biopsy in which they removed several lymph nodes. They feel that this more recent cancer originated from the aggressive bladder cancer. We've had 2 good years since the chemo after the last operation. We were told those 2 years were exceptional. God is gracious! We'll see where God leads Dad and the rest of us from here. We will take each day as it comes, knowing that God goes with us.

I love watching Trudi hang out in our backyard. She has a few places where she's dug holes. Her all-time favourite is a little pit dug behind the "Dexter Tree" (a tree we planted in a hole that one of our first rescue 'dales dug). Trudi often lays down in that hole with just her eyes, nose and ears visible. It's the perfect spot - she can see the back door, the driveway, both of the neighbours on either side, it's shady, cool, and apparently perfectly shaped for her. Recently Ben has been joining her in her "nest" - he snuggles right in with her and she doesn't seem to mind. I've been trying to get a photo, but it's tough since Trudi usually moves away as soon as the camera comes out, but the other day Tim tried and got this shot. I love the special relationship these two share!

We long for an affection altogether ignorant of our faults.
Heaven has accorded this to us in the uncritical canine attachment.
- George Eliot

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  1. FABULOUS pic! Catches the moment! I love it!!!! Good to see you the other night :) hugs