Friday, June 08, 2007

More hot weather!

The wash on the line dried in record time this morning with the heat and the wind! I have another load ready to go out - will get to that as soon as Ben settles for his nap. He spent the morning playing in his sprinkler again - amazing how a little boy can get so dirty playing with water!

Speaking of cleaning little boys... my son has a thing about "sock fuzzies." I blame his father for this latest little obsession. When Tim gets Ben ready for bed at night he checks between his toes for sock fuzzies - I think it started as a bit of a game, but now it's serious business.... (I try not to think about my son growing up and doing this on a date!)

Parent news: Tim's mother is still in rehab after her hip replacement - it's taking longer than she'd like. I think she's getting bored, but we're just glad that she's doing so well! My father had some test results come back and there seems to be another "something" on the ultrasound - they are deciding whether or not to biopsy. Several lymph nodes are also enlarged so... he's got another referral to the cancer centre. We're very glad that we now have such a good centre right in town! The future is uncertain, but we take each day as it comes.

Other news - my brother and his family are coming to visit this summer!!! YAHOOO!!!! We had resigned ourselves to not seeing each other this year, but my parents are signing over their Aeroplan miles and it looks like the whole family will be here in July for a couple of weeks. Will be wonderful for the cousins to get together - they're closer to Ben's age and I know they'll have a hoot playing together. Will just be wonderful to all be together again - can't wait to hug them all in person!!!

Not much other news, that I mustered up the nerve to get on the scale and discovered that I hit a brand new high (only was heavier during my pregnancy). So except I've decided to start yet another diet. Inside, I feel like a skinny person with skinny interests but in real life my old body gets in the way of things I enjoy doing - like hanging out at the beach or riding my horse.... So, here goes!

"Between two evils, choose neither; between two goods, choose both."

Tryon Edwards


  1. love reading your blog on your life happenings :)

  2. I LOVE that picture of Ben! I can totally see him doing that in about fifteen years!!! (wink wink)

    Thanks for the other family updates! Enjoy your time with the family! :D