Sunday, April 22, 2007

Beautiful Weekend!

The weather this weekend was as close to perfect as it gets. Warm & sunny during the day, cool at night, no bugs - it could stay like this all summer!

The past few days have been a bit rough as Ben struggled with a nasty fever. Fortunately it didn't last and it didn't turn into anything else. We're all a little tired from the ordeal but all is well!

Friday night Tim went to see Buddy Guy in concert - really enjoyed it! A very good friend of mine came to watch Ben on short notice so I could attend a spontaneous crop at our church. We usually crop there every 2 weeks, but this one wasn't scheduled - it was just a bunch of people who wanted to hang out and crop on a Friday night. Yup - for my Friday nights, it's come to this! LOL Seriously, though, I enjoy it. Great to watch others work - it inspires and motivates me!

Here's a photo I'm looking forward to making up a scrapbook page for... our trick riding cowboy!

And here's a great old cowboy saying to go along with it:

Never lie, never break your word, be always respectful of others and protective of women, and never back down if honor is at stake.

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  1. too sweet! Can see the layout forming now! You need to print that out in 8x10 size ;)